Finally the time has come…my graduation! It has been almost three years since I transferred from a college in Japan, and now I’m super happy that I made that decision!





I was grown up watching all movies and dramas on the Disney Channel (like High School Musical), so American style of graduation has been one of my secretes since I was small. For the graduation costume, I bought a gown, a hat, and a tassel. For international students, a sash has been given as a gift, and each sash gets a country’s flag design printed. Of course I got a sash of Japanese flag design and it was so cool!





I decorated my hat too : )


It was not easy to keep up studying and living in a different country at the same time three years ago. But as time went by, maybe I got used to it, I started trying various things, like internship, campus job, student club, etc All of these experiences made me grow up so much and of course they couldn’t have done without all supports from my family and friends both in Japan and the States.




I’m moving to New York city at the beginning of next month, which is excited but also it gives me nervous. BUT! It is a new chapter of my life, why not trying to do many things as possible? : ) So, wish me luck, guys!


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!


Miyuki : )

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