I started thinking about “life balance” more frequently last couple of years. Relationships, college life, freelance works, there are so many situations where I come to consider “balance.” So, today I introduce one of my important rules in order to balance my life, That is “3Bs.” I learned 3Bs when I was listening one of my favorite podcasts and it perfectly made sense to me.

3Bの法則 ─ 3Bs for Life Balance



1. Base


The first B is “Base.” Here, it refers to your family, friends, and your boyfriend or girlfriend, anyone who supports you.


2. Body


The second B is “Body.” This literally means your body, including both physical and mental parts of your body.


3. Business


The last B refers to “Business.” This means any kind of your work. If you are a student, your assignments and homework are considered as your business.



バランスの取れて充実した毎日を送るためには、この3つのBを満たすことが不可欠なんだって。毎日仕事や勉強ばっかりして、人間関係(Base) や、身体(Body)のメンテナンスを怠ったりすると、いずれ仕事(business)だって上手くいかなくなる。身体的、精神的健康が適当になっちゃうと、それこそ病気したりで仕事や人間関係どころじゃなくなるしね。

This 3Bs rule definitely helps you balance your life, ultimately bringing you enjoyable and fulfilling life. When you work too much for your Business and fail to care about other two Bs, your Base and Body, eventually that brings some troubles to your Business. For example, you won’t get any supporters or you get sick due to lack of healthy lifestyle, etc.

個人的に留学生活において特にこの3つのBは大事かなって思う。日本にいる家族や友達と離れているからこそ、コミュニケーション取ることって大事だと思う。だからって毎日連絡とれる訳でもないから、連絡取る時は「ありがとう」って感謝するの忘れないようにしてる。あと勉強で疲れた時とか、やる気でない時こそ、ジム行って身体動かすようにしてる。身体を動かすことで、脳がリフレッシュされるし、最近は、バランスの取れた食事にも気を使うようになった。科学的に、体内に取り入れるものと普段の生活での思考回路が深く関わってることが証明されたしね。留学中って、勉強が毎日の中心になって、どうしても人間関係や健康面って後回しにしがちだけど、この2つも勉強と同じくらい大事なことって最近は思うかな。この3Bの法則は卒業して仕事はじまってからも大事にしていきたい自分の中のルール。ぜひ参考にしてみてね ; )

Since I learned about the 3Bs rule, it immediately became my principle for balancing my life. I think if you are studying abroad or living abroad like me, this rule is super important. Fulfilling your Base (your supporters) brings communication between you and your supporters, building strong relationships. When you are tired of studying or when you need to motivate yourself, do some exercise, such as running or going to the gym to work out. Exercise makes your brain refresh as well as makes your body healthy and strong : ) I also pay attention to what I eat and drink. It is scientifically proved that what you eat and drink affect to your mind, such as the way you behave and the way you think. Especially for those students like me, we tend to go unhealthy food and forget to drink water whenever we are super busy for studying. But don’t forget that what we intake makes our brain, so if you really want to take good grades, eat healthy food and drink more water : ) Also, talking to your family and friends gives you more energy and refresh to your brain.

Although I’m graduating from my uni soon, I will keep this 3Bs as my principle to balance my life balance. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it : ) Adios!


Miyuki : )


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